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Difficulties finding land...

I'm currently attending a college in Maine for a Food, Agriculture, and Sustainability BS (we just call it Sustainable Agriculture). I'm very excited and a big supporter of all four students in the major. I can't help but get this nagging feeling in the back of my mind though.

I'm afraid that after I get this degree and decide to go off on my own and start my own small scale farming operation that land will be too expensive, or farms with good basic buildings will be out of my league, or the market for them will be diminished.

My father and I had been talking to each other about buying land out in Maine to build a farm on, but that's not easing my anxieties at all.

Basically I was wondering how hard it would be to find a place to live with enough land to start a small scale organic CSA. Or if anyone has advice about getting a head start.
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