Calliphoridae (pkbarbiedoll) wrote in organic_farms,

This weekend at Brown Elementary

(x-posted to gothicgardener & pkbarbiedoll)

Friday night CVC called and asked if I could come out Saturday morning and till under the winter undergrowth at Brown Elementary's outdoor education center. I arrived at 9:30 with mist and light rain still in the air. It wasn't too cold, though, and the ground was actually slightly dusty just below the surface.

First of all we had to spread 14 cubic yards of organic compost in the lower side of the field, which was bare red clay for the most part.

After spreading the compost, the tiller worked it 8" into the ground.

Qwabena and I talk about what he plans to put in the ground...

Cheryl is busy planting the spring garden.. she is watering with organic compost tea.

Final bit of tilling before we form the beds.

They decided to run the beds down the hill, instead of across. There will be a lot of mulch and wood chips used, so erosion shouldn't be a problem here.

All done. Next they have to add more compost to the beds, shape them up a little, and plant.

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