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1. July 2008 oil hits $147/barrel just around when Gustav and Ike wreak their havoc.

2. Economy starts to decline, price of oil goes down due to reduced demand, economy goes down more due to oil industry losing profits, price of oil goes down more and so on in a feedback loop.

3. Greenhouse gases from burning oil (for industry), coal (for industrial electricity) and natural gas (for industry processes and electricity) goes down.
Don't use factory closings to reach target: watchdog ``In a special report released yesterday, Gord Miller pointed out that Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan doesn't take into account that the economic downturn, if it continues, could enable the province to meet its emission-reduction targets without implementing any environmental strategies at all. ... "There is a general slowdown, less fossil fuels are burned and less electricity is demanded," Miller said.''

4. Global warming starts to sag.
2008 Coldest Year of the Decade ``But before this year, a single year was plenty for the climate alarmists to latch on to as evidence of an irreversible trend. Repeatedly, they would evoke 1998 as the hottest year of the century (even though their science was wrong; 1934 was actually hotter), and after virtually every major storm in the last ten years, someone would claim this was a sign of things to come.''

5. It gets colder and more rain and snow fall.

Is any of this affecting farms yet?

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